Saving money using Voice over IP.

Deploying Voice over IP in a company results in significant cost savings across multiple fields. If implemented properly, an IP Telephony solution will not only pay itself back, it will actually help you increase productivity and generate additional revenue.

Cutting phone costs

Most businesses are interested in saving on their phone bill. By connecting a VoIP system to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP's) - essentially telephone operators on the Internet - your business will benefit from much cheaper calls to various destinations. Do you have a lot of customers in Germany? Subscribe to a German ITSP's service - from around the globe - and call your customers at a local rate. Combine different ITSP's with your analog or ISDN lines, GSM gateways, etc. and pay the lowest cost to any destination.

Do you have multiple remote offices? Connect them to your VoIP PBX using a broadband Internet connection. Calls between your offices suddenly become free and you can use the best location to terminate your outbound calls. Employees on the road, on business trips or working at home can simply plug in their IP phone or use a laptop or PDA to connect directly to the company's VoIP system and make and receive calls as if they were in the office.

One network for voice and data

An additional benefit of Voice over IP technology, is that the same network can be used for voice and data. Are you expanding offices? No need to calculate how many phone and network connections you will need. Just provide a single network connection to every desk and use it for both voice and data. Not only does this constitute a direct saving in cabling, it also saves you an incredible amount of time figuring out your patch panels and phone lines.

But there's more. Because voice and data are on the same network, you can use information about your calls in your software applications. Voice over IP seamlessly integrates with many of today's contact applications. Allowing you to perform calls from within your favorite software program and receive instant information on your computer for each incoming call.

Moves, add's and changes

One of the hidden costs of traditional telephony systems are the so called "moves, add's and changes". These are the costs you incur when adding new telephones or lines, moving handsets to other desks or changing the general configuration of your telephone system. Usually these are expensive and time-consuming procedures often performed by 3rd parties that charge elevated fees.

Voice over IP allows you to completely control the management of your IP PBX. Using an easy and intuitive web interface you can add or remove telephones and phone lines without needing extra training or external engineers to make modifications. Furthermore, moving handsets to a different location is no longer a costly operation. Just take the phone to its new location and plug it in. All settings are stored in the phone, and provided you have a working network connection, you will be online in a minute, no configuration changes required.

As you can see, there are many cost saving benefits by switching to Voice over IP. You will be able to save on your phone bill and call for free between offices. The integration of voice and data networks will result in less infrastructure costs and added benefits. Finally thanks to easy management interfaces, costly moves, add's and changes become a thing of the past. Read more on why Sipcat is the best VoIP solution for your business.

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