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Partnering with Sipcat is an excellent opportunity to add additional revenue streams for your company. Sipcat does not require extensive technical experience and it is an ideal product to sell to your existing customer base, whether you are an IT, services or telecommunications company.

While partnering with Sipcat provides you interesting discounts on our software list price, it also allows you to create profits on selling hardware, IP telephones, services and support. Partners are expected to provide installation services and 1st line support to their customers.

Altough Sipcat is an easy to install software application, partners should have a reasonable level of network (LAN/WAN) knowledge to be able to integrate the IP telephony solution into the customer's network.

Interested companies can apply here to become a Sipcat partner. You will be contacted via e-mail for further processing.

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How many years have you been in business?
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Do you have any experience with Linux or Asterisk?
If any, what other PBX brands have you sold?
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